Addiction treatment centers have become more and more focused on whole body wellness, not just the basic treatment of addiction. The better you feel overall, and the better prepared you are with the right tools and healthy habits, the more ready you’ll be to achieve and maintain your sobriety. One of the tools many treatment centers are starting to use is including outdoor activities of some kind into treatment. This provides the patient with many benefits they may have missed out on otherwise, and it’s a good way to introduce them to a new hobby they can continue after treatment, giving them something to focus on and work towards.

Outdoor activities can range from simply taking walks outside to more active ones, like kayaking or mountain biking. If your treatment center offers any of these, you should try to take advantage of them. Being out in the great outdoors is extremely healing, and being active while outdoors in any degree is even better. The activities done outside are usually pretty active, and are often a way to work on your physical health without spending hours in the gym. Even just a hike through a nature trail can do wonders for your health, and even more so for your mental health.

These kinds of sports and activities can help teach you healthy coping skills. They can help you develop ways to deal with disappointment or anxiety, and when you do something you were afraid to do, the rush you feel is far more satisfying than any substance. It opens your eyes to the fact that life sober is pretty spectacular, even more so when you go outside.

Treatment centers who offer any kind of outdoor activity should also be prepared with the proper safety equipment, training and supervision you need to perform the activity safely. Always make sure whatever you’re wanting to start doing is approved by your treatment counselor, and follow the center’s guidelines.

More and more centers are offering this kind of activity for their treatment programs. The benefits of being outdoors can’t be overlooked, especially when used in conjunction with traditional treatment methods. If you’re someone who truly loves the outdoors and are struggling with addiction, it may be worth your while to find a treatment center that focuses on outdoor activities as a way to teach you the tools you need for sobriety.





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