Even in today’s society, when many treat men and women equally, men are often seen as the stronger sex. Men aren’t supposed to have emotions, or feelings, or be affected by things in certain opinions, but like all people, men are faced with trauma throughout their lives, in one form or another. Things that traumatize many women may not affect men, while things that may be traumatic for a majority of men may not have an effect on women. Failing to cope with trauma or traumatic events in a healthy way is what leads a large number of people to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, as they attempt to self medicate. It’s important to acknowledge trauma in your life or your past, even if you didn’t realize it was such an impacting event until later in life.

Below are some examples of events or situations that men may be traumatized by. Some are common, more obvious examples, while others may be more of a surprise.

  1. War – The number of men enlisted in the military is higher than women, and more men are traumatized by the events and situations war brings than women are simply because they’re on the front lines. War brings untold horrors that can lead
  2. Car accidents – Severe car wrecks can be shocking and traumatizing for all involved, and men are no different.
  3. Family history of drug or alcohol abuse – Living in the home of someone addicted to drugs or alcohol can be traumatic, especially if the addicted has a tendency to become abusive during use or withdrawals.
  4. Divorce/break-up of long term relationship – As stoic as men can be in regards to a relationship, a divorce or breaking up with a long term partner can be extremely traumatic, especially if it was unexpected or unwanted.

There are many more examples of traumatic events or situations that men may face throughout their lives. Women tend to keep their emotions locked away inside after trauma, but men are more likely to externalize their emotions, often in antisocial behaviors, anger, aggression and substance use.Studies show that anywhere from 65% to 87% of the male adult population has been exposed to some type of trauma in their lifetime. Understanding the impact that trauma can have on your mental health and your recovery is crucial to ensuring your sobriety is a lasting one.

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