The perfect gift-giving guide may not be so perfect for a loved one in recovery. Giving a gift can be greatly beneficial in a relationship, letting people build (or rebuild) relationships and honor traditions around the holidays or special events like birthdays. Learn some unique, creative ideas for what to shop for that may surprise a loved one in recovery.

Gift of Giving

Everyone (mostly) loves to give and receive gifts. When a loved one has been struggling with recovery from addiction, it may be difficult to know how to approach gift-giving. There are some ideas that may support their recovery in a unique way and tell them how much you care about them without worrying how it will come off.

  • Phone number. A friend or family member in recovery may have this, but it helps to make it clear that if they are struggling or worried about relapse, they know they can call you. The greatest gift you can give is ongoing support. Setting up scheduled times every week to connect, phoning to let them know you’re thinking about them, and making it clear over the holidays you have their back can mean more than any gift they may receive.
  • Unique experiences. Giving ‘stuff’ will not be a good fit for everyone. Giving a great experience that is unique to them may better serve a loved one. Tickets to a theme park, lift tickets to a local mountain they like, or some movie or museum passes can be creative and fun. Passes for more adventurous experiences like skydiving or race car driving may also pique someone’s interest and let them know you understand and care for them enough to know what they may like.
  • Groceries and gas. Now there are many gift cards and ways to give people things like food and gas. It may be a fun thing to put together freezer packs of food they can eat off of for awhile without cooking, or cards to shop at a favorite local grocery store.
  • Books. Books are therapeutic and a fun way to experience some quiet, reflective time. Whether a person opts for novels, romance books, or other types of books, it can be a nice way to let someone know you understand their tastes and wanted to support them.
  • Health-related gifts. Giving a yoga mat, a membership pass, or new pair of shoes can tell a person you care about their health and are on board with their new goals. Always be mindful of what they say they are open to trying and encourage to that end rather than force it but you may find them open to trying something new so long as you go along with them.

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