The best way to get healthy is to focus on overall wellness. It can be difficult to try and focus on doing everything all at once, so breaking it down into 4 main pillars can be helpful. With a better focus on these areas, a person can get a handle on how to tackle just a few things within each pillar to assist in their overall recovery plan.

Physical Wellness

Physical and emotional well-being is crucial to building a strong foundation for recovery. Without it, life will be more challenging everyday than it has to be. Physical wellness is about setting a ‘home foundation,’ and tapping into weight. When you are at a healthy weight, you feel better, think more clearly, and emotionally can achieve healing. Getting that physical foundation well is one of the first steps.

Occupational Wellness

Being happy and fulfilled in what people do is important to reducing stress in life. Everyone lives in a crazy time now where it seems Monday morning comes and they dread going to work. Finding your way through recovery, you may be reinventing your new occupational outlook. Figure out what you want to do in life for this season you’re in now. Consult with someone who can help you navigate the complexities of being in recovery and seeking job opportunities.

Intellectual Wellness

Our educational wellness is so important. Online courses, free webinars, reading, and all the conversations can expand the mind. Learning and growing works the brain in amazing ways. If you are a student of life, you will likely learn more about addiction, recovery, and yourself, along the way.

Spiritual Wellness

There is a spirit within every person that guides their path, connecting true values to who they are on this earth. Nurturing this soul can be important in overall wellness. However it looks for you, it helps to start with a practice that speaks to you, even if it is not particularly religious. It might just mean a more spiritual and grounded sense of coming into yourself that can bring deeper awareness into your journey with recovery.

The Springboard Center’s addiction treatment programs are tailored to meet the needs of each client. Diving further into your own pillars of wellness and help you find your way through recovery with a healthy mindset. We can help you establish a good foothold by getting started in addiction recovery at our center. Call us to get started: 432-620-0255