Society today has glamorized drugs and alcohol to an alarming extent. Music videos, movies and television are chock full of characters that, while we enjoy, often exhibit signs of severe alcoholism. While we sneer down at one man struggling with the disease, we cheer on others because we’re too caught up in the glamor of what we’re seeing, whether in a show, movie or reality. While some people can drink in moderation without any serious issues, for others even just the scent of alcohol can send them down a dangerous path that, once started, can very quickly lead to serious health issues. The truth is that alcoholism has become so glorified in some cases that it can be hard to see the signs in yourself or loved ones, simply because you’re so conditioned to seeing it as ‘normal’.

The truth is that alcoholism can not only destroy your life, but the lives of the people around you. It can have serious implications for your spouse or children, or even your parents. Lives can be lost, either through alcohol fueled violence or if a person chooses to get behind the wheel after one or twelve too many at the local bar. If you struggle with alcoholism, your children are four times as likely to become alcoholics themselves later in life. While this isn’t a sentence that’s set in stone, it’s a startling reality that not many people are willing to face until it’s too late for their children.

The truth is that alcoholism affects all races, genders, economic classes and ages.  WHile certain groups may be more prone to having people struggling with alcoholism, it’s not just a ‘poor man’ or ‘rich man’s problem, or even just a ‘man’s’ problem. Anyone who drinks alcohol excessively puts themselves at risk for developing alcoholism, especially if the behavior continues over a long period of time.

Alcoholism is a devastating disease that can cause serious damage to a person’s body the longer it goes on, including damage to how we reason with ourselves. All of a sudden, nothing, not paying bills, not providing for family or taking care of our health, is more important than getting that next drink.  It’s a tough disorder to overcome, but we’re here to help, without judgement.






Alcoholism is a serious problem, and it can feel like there’s no hope when you’re struggling with it, but recovery from alcoholism is possible, and you can have a healthy future ahead of you. The Springboard Center offers a medical detox program, as well as residential, outpatient and family programs, and your treatment plan will be tailored and suited to your needs and your life. You CAN recover from alcoholism, but you have to take the first step. Make the call today, at 432-620-0255 and regain control of your life.