Communication is key component in a successful working family. You communicate with members of the family not just with your words but using language and behavior. If you use negative methods to communicate or avoid communicating at all, this can make matters worse through adulthood and even affect who we become as adults.

Poor family communication can include yelling, holding grudges, keeping secrets, blaming, giving the silent treatment, using ultimatums or threats, labeling someone bad instead of the behavior, and bringing harm. If these problems continue, you will never feel close to your family anymore. The way parents talk to their kids or how siblings talk to each other can impact their positive development when they are kids, teens, or young adults. Young people can also get anxiety and depression if there are still ill feelings that never left them. Kids can also develop behavioral problems when they do not respect authority or deal with at-risk behavior like criminal activity and substance abuse.

Improper communication leads to false assumptions, feeling you can read their minds, or always jumping to conclusions. When you do not know what is going on with people in your family, it can lead to unnecessary worrying, fear, and concern that can lead to stress. Arguments will start more easily. Your self-esteem could suffer and you will not feel comfortable to talking to anyone in your family. If this disconnection continues to go on, no one will have a care or concern for the other and your family will be broken.

The best way to improve family communication is to take some time away from your busy schedule to have a talk with your family members. Make sure it is in a private atmosphere with no distractions like the television or your phone. Listen to what the other person is saying and ask how the other person is feeling. Repeat back what the other person says if you are having trouble understanding. Show that you understand how they feel by giving a gentle touch or a hug. Do not minimize the person’s feelings by saying they are being dramatic or wrong for feeling how they feel. Otherwise, they will not talk to you again. Speak the way that you would want someone to speak to you. It is important to keep that line of communication going so that you will always have your family in your life.

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