There are still debates as to whether or not sex addiction is considered just as real an addiction as alcohol or drug addiction. Some believe you can get the same rush of dopamine just as you can with substance abuse and others believe that it is an attempt to excuse irresponsible behavior. It is important to look at both sides of the story so that you can formulate an opinion on whether or not sex addiction should be included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5.

Sex addiction goes back to ancient Rome and 2nd century Greece where there was excessive sexuality. The term was popularized by Dr. Patrick Carnes when he wrote “Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sex Addiction” where he worked as a clinical director for sex disorders at a clinic in Arizona. Those suffering from sex addiction wrote books about the subject as well. Aviel Goodman, MD felt like excessive sex was a real addiction and proposed a diagnostic criteria the same as substance abuse. There were those that felt like experiencing sexual desire, physical sexual arousal, sexual relations, and achieving an orgasm is normal compared to having less of those experiences.

In 2009, David Duchovy came out as a sex addict despite being happily married with a family and checked into rehab. This made others wonder if Tiger Woods was a sex addict as well since he had sex with a number of women. There are people who are exposed to porn and it is hard to censor or place limits on the amount you see or what you see. It is easy to have an online affair or take part in online dating. Those that believe in sex addiction believe that the same reward system is activated in the brain as with substance abuse. Others can also turn to substance abuse and/or behavioral addiction while trying to abstain from sex addiction. Other against it believe this is no different than hypersexuality or other personality disorders. They can feel this is judging those who enjoy sex and can excuse people who commit rape or molestation. Currently, there is such a thing as cybersex addiction but the DSM-5 is still hesitant to call sex addiction as a real disorder. In 1987, the Society for Advancement of Sexual Health was created that gives updated research for those working with sex addiction as well as for the public.

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