Alcoholism is a serious disease with a wide variety of signs and symptoms. These can be more or less intense depending on how severe the alcohol abuse is, and the frequency and amount of use. The longer alcoholism goes on, the worse the effect it has on the individual, jobs, loved ones and more. The physical side effects of alcoholism alone are stagger. It can cause irreversible damage to major organs and systems in the body, including the heart, stomach, liver, nervous system and the brain. People with milder cases of alcoholism struggle with stomach problems and high blood pressure, and often develop cancer or osteoporosis, especially women.

Beyond the effects it has on your body, alcoholism affects nearly part of your life, in ways we may not always see. Below are ten common ways that alcoholism impacts your life.

  1. Your financial situation is probably not great – If you’re blowing large amounts of money on alcohol, or if you’re having to pay large fines or legal fees because of your drinking, alcoholism is ruining your financial security, and possibly that of your children.
  2. You’re sleeping too much, or not enough – alcohol is a depressant. It has the tendency to make people sleep far more than they should when they pass out, and in some cases, people with severe alcoholism avoid sleeping to continue drinking.
  3. You’re getting written up at work – people who struggle with alcoholism often have trouble at work, whether it’s slacking performance or not showing up for shifts. On the job drinking is an extreme example of this.
  4. You’re not being true to you – alcoholism can drive people to do things they never would have done had they not started drinking, we stop doing the things we enjoy doing, and we simply stop being ourselves.
  5. Marriages and relationships suffer – drinking has a massive impact on a marriage or meaningful relationship. Most people with alcoholism find that their spouse may demand divorce unless they get help.
  6. Weight gain – alcohol is chock full of calories and when a drinking problem develops, the person’s weight usually increases significantly.
  7. Mental health problems – alcoholism fuels mental health issues like depression and bi polar disorder.
  8. You don’t socialize – You often find yourself skipping outings with friends and family, or meeting new people to drink, or because you’re too intoxicated to go.
  9. You have legal trouble – many people who struggle with alcoholism often face legal problems, anything from driving under the influence to violence.
  10. You don’t take care of yourself – you don’t take care of your health, whether it’s unhealthy eating or potatoing it on the couch.






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