Admitting you are an addict is the first step to long-term recovery. Telling your family that you are an addict and need help can be very difficult. Addiction has a stigma in our society and admitting you are addicted to drugs or alcohol can bring on shame and embarrassment. Explain to your family that you will need encouragement, positive reinforcement, and their support to help in your recovery.

Telling Your Family You’re Addicted

Remind family that you are accepting responsibility and will do whatever it takes to attain sobriety. Start with one family member who can keep the conversation confidential to lessen the embarrassment. There is no need to give all the explicit details but tell them honestly that you are addicted to drugs and alcohol and are seeking professional help. Express regret for any wrong-doings and behaviors you displayed while under the influence.

People who do not have a problem with addiction have a hard time understanding what you are going through. People can also be skeptical about your willingness to live a sober life. Let your family know that you will work on repairing your relationships with them and invite them to go to family therapy or counseling with you. Keep communication open and let family members know you are serious about recovery and will follow through.

When children are involved, listen to them and answer their questions in an age-appropriate manner. Explain that addiction is an illness and talk to them honestly and openly. It is crucial to listen to children and let them know they are a huge part of their lives.

If you were around your family on a regular basis while you were under the influence, chances are, they already know about your addiction. Take the time to prepare what you are going to say ahead of time. The conversation will be emotional, so planning on what to say guides you to say everything you want to.

The family needs to hear how sorry you are for any pain you caused them. Tell your family your plans to get help in treatment and your desire to live substance free. When they see you are serious, it is more likely they will be supportive and help you in and out of rehab. The conversation you have with your family about your addiction is difficult but necessary for your recovery progress.


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