A sponsor is used in AA as a person to talk to about your progress in recovery. The sponsor is an alcoholic who is trying to maintain sobriety, agrees to listen to your experiences, and talks with you on a regular basis. Essentially, you help each other by being there to listen, encourage, and share your accomplishments and challenges with sobriety.

Talking To Your Sponsor

Everyone’s recovery process is unique, and so is the amount of time that you have a sponsor. A designated timeframe does not exist, only suggestions. Some people form strong bonds with their sponsors, and even develop friendships. When you select a sponsor, choose someone you can feel comfortable with and talk openly to in confidence. Sobriety strengthens when you and your sponsor share experiences.

Successful sponsorship depends on the understanding and patience the sponsor and group offers. If you slip and relapse, your sponsor needs to reinforce a positive, encouraging, and supportive attitude and not shame you. A sponsor assures you that at least one person is listening and cares. Sponsorship gives you a friend to talk to when alcohol-related problems arise. During hard times with relapse triggers, your sponsor will help and guide you to stay sober.

Choose a sponsor that has been sober for more than a year and who enjoys being sober. Many people in recovery feel that sponsorship is vital to their ongoing growth and sobriety. Sponsorship is recommended for a person who does not regularly attend AA meetings and is struggling to stay sober. People who have achieved long-term sobriety sometimes continue contacting their sponsor, but not as often.

The length of time you need with a sponsor depends on you and your situation. The duration of sponsorship could be short-term or long-term. The length of time in sobriety and your comfort level can be factors for ending contact with your sponsor. When you feel ready, you will not need to continue contacting him or her. Instead of ending the relationship with your sponsor, cut back on how often you contact each other. While the sponsor is helping you in your recovery progress, you are also helping him or her in theirs.


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