The increased numbers of individuals seeking treatment today seem to align with the stressors that come with a large, frightening social event. As those stressors can drive many deeper into addiction, it can also drive others into treatment. The fear is that those rising numbers may bring a shortage of beds, clinicians, therapists and support staff to help those most in need, the most vulnerable. Because addiction creates isolation, sheltering in place can facilitate more use than usual.  The Springboard Center staff knows this and is here to help. The fact is, treatment facilities can’t close, or just post a “no vacancy” sign. Lives are at stake. Now more than ever.  Springboard is here, when you’re ready to start.  We are here for you, for your family, and for your fresh start.  If you’ve been thinking about treatment but didn’t think you had the time, a furlough from work could be the best time to start.  Springboard is here, when you’re ready.  There’s no better time than right now, to start your best life.


Dr. Mark Alexander

Executive Director