In the springtime, the weather is beautiful as the sun is out and the flowers are in bloom. Mindfulness in the spring can be other ways besides yoga and sitting on the ground with your legs crossed. Spring themed mindfulness practices involve exploring mother nature and being at peace with your surroundings.

One mindfulness practice to do in the spring is to go outside and soak up the sun. Let those UV rays and Vitamin D hit your skin. You can get lost in the sun’s bright colors and its beauty. Another practice is to take a walk and explore your surroundings. The nice weather will give you all of the energy you need to pick up your feet and move for half an hour to an hour. Spring is also the perfect opportunity to clean your house. Take a look around each room and see what kind of stuff you have that is just gathering dust and no longer useful to you. You can throw that stuff away, donate it, or sell it. Like the saying goes, what could be trash to you can be treasure to someone else. By decluttering your space, you will no longer feel stressed and can have new space for new memories.

Instead of meditating indoors, take advantage of the beautiful weather and meditate outside. Go to the beach, a park, a mountaintop, or anywhere else where it is quiet and peaceful. Get in a comfortable position and take a few cleansing breaths. Take in your surroundings and look at the colors, the sights, the flowers, or any other piece of beautiful nature. Notice what you feel such as the sun’s rays or the wind blowing on your face. This will help you notice the sounds around you like the birds, laughter, trees, or the waves crashing into the sand. Smell the saltwater from the ocean, the flowers, the trees, and anything else around you. Mindfulness eating is another way to meditate as you can find a recipe that uses springtime produce. Go to your farmer’s market and buy the ingredients for your recipe. Cook your recipe in peace and quiet. As you are eating, take your time and feel the texture of your food, the smell, and the sight all at once. This springtime meditation practices will change your life and you might incorporate these practices for all the seasons of the year.

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