Step four in the twelve steps is “make a searching and fearless written moral inventory of yourself.” This is the perfect step to complete in spring since spring is a season of new awakenings and beginnings. Step four is the time to take the fearless step in looking back on everything that caused you to drink in the first place so that you can achieve honesty to your Higher Power and to yourself.

Step four involves you to examine your emotions for what it was that made you start drinking. This involves you to be honest with yourself. Accept that you are in problem instead of blaming your settings, circumstances, or the people in your life. You may not have control over where you come from but you do have a say as to where you go from there. Make sure to confide in your sponsor about what has been troubling as you will find he or she to be a great comfort.

What you can do first is summarize all of your thoughts, emotions, events, and actions you have taken in your life. See what feelings arise as you may feel embarrassed, scared, or ashamed. Before you reach out to your Higher Power, you need to be honest with yourself. It does not help praying if you feel the need to blame others. Write down all of the memories you have of important people whether they are in your life now or only stayed with you within a certain amount of time. What effect did they have on to make you poison your body and your mind with alcohol? You should also write down your beliefs, events, situations, and circumstances that have triggered negative feelings. It can be feelings such as anger, sadness, regret, fear, and bitterness. It can help if you start from your earliest memory and go from there.

You can also make a chart to better map out your emotions and your triggers. You can chart it by incident, effect, feelings, self-examination, and what your Higher Power would say about the choices you made. It can be quotes from the bible, torah, Quran, or any other books of worship that will further inspire you and support you. Use springtime as your excuse to start anew so that you can eventually face those people and fears head-on without thinking of using drinking to solve your problems again.

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