With spring being the season of starting something new, this is the perfect time to start a meditation practice. Meditation can help you lose weight, overcome addiction, improve your communication, sharpen your thinking, and master your emotions. By creating a meditation routine every day, you will be able to clear your distracting thoughts, reduce stress, and boost your brainpower by creating a spiritual connection with the present instead of the past.

To start your meditation practice, make yourself comfortable by either crossing your legs on the floor, sitting in a chair with your feet to the floor, or on a cushion or blanket with your knees below your hips. You should not be in a stressful position that will make you too uncomfortable to not continue your practice. Make a routine where you practice at the same time every day whether it is when you first wake up or a few minutes before you go to work. Let the space be the same where you meditate as well such as always have scented candles, calming stones and crystals, or pictures to make you feel calm.

When you meditate, straighten your spine to increase your circulation and your alertness. Begin with five to ten minutes a day. Add one minute to each practice each week until you build up to thirty minutes. While meditating, do not focus on any triggers or cravings to your addiction and do not let anything distract you. Instead of making excuses like being too tired or not being in the right headspace, observe these excuses so you are aware of them. See if they are true excuses or you just do not feel like meditating. Once you are aware, you will learn to recommit to your routine without these excuses.

If you do not want to meditate alone, find a commitment buddy to meditate with who is just as new at meditating as you. You can also join a group on social media or MeetUp who meditate together or join an online class. This will help you motivate each other to practice daily. Keep practicing and concentrate on your breathing. Instead of thinking about the past, only focus on the here and now as you are drawing your breath. When you are done, write in a meditation journal about how you are feeling, anything you need to work on, and how meditation has been helping you.

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