One of the roadblocks to early sobriety is learning how to have fun, in a new way. For a long time it may be hard to figure out having fun when you’re under addiction and not thinking straight. You might think fun is about being drunk or smoking with friends, but in sobriety it is a learning curve to find ways of having fun that don’t include those things. Recovery is fun, if you want it to be, it just takes time to figure out what that looks like.

Do Normal Stuff

It may seem boring at first, but normal stuff is what you want in recovery. It is crazy to find out normal people things are fun. Things like going to the dog park, hiking, eating at restaurants, taking road trips. Those are all great ways of spending time, even if they are simple. The simple things will bring you joy.

Take Risks

Even if you did so-called crazy things when you were addicted, you want to take calculated risks that don’t put you in harms way (or anyone else). Even if you are still a rebel, you can go off-roading or take road trips and have fun without risking your life.

Conquer the World

When you are not drinking or using drugs, you may ome to find out you have so much time on your hands. Perhaps you will see there is much more to do than what’s on the television. Perhaps you attend festivals, go to other countries, or try out new things. Being sober, you may find it is a new world where you can enjoy things you could not when you were struggling with addiction.

Be Yourself

One of the biggest challenges in sobriety is learning to be yourself. You may spend countless amounts of time and energy trying to be like other people or fit in, but now you can decide for yourself who you are and what you want to do with your life. It can be a crazy, fun time to explore new styles with your hair, new pathways of self-discovery and finding ways to have fun that embrace who you really are underneath it all. There is true healing in finding yourself when you are in recovery. It takes time and patience, but soon enough you will figure out who you are and what you like and don’t like. This will be one of the biggest, most fun adventures of all.

Don’t cheat yourself out of having fun in recovery. It can be a great time to explore and discover who you are and what you want out of life. Embrace the moments and perhaps you will find a new way forward that was not open to you previously.

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