Heroin has been an ongoing addiction problem in the United States for decades. Heroin comes from morphine, which is naturally found in the opium poppy. It can be injected, smoked or ingested through snorting. Injection is the most dangerous of the methods, as it’s far easier to inject yourself with far more heroin than your body can handle than it is to smoke it too much too quickly. Injection also rushes the drug into the system faster, getting you hooked that much quicker. We have a strong understanding of the side effects of heroin addiction on your body, but the impact extends far beyond just your health. Below are six ways heroin addiction will ruin your life, some you may not have even considered.

  1. Criminal behavior is almost an inevitable outcome with ongoing heroin use – many addicts find themselves willing to do almost anything to get their fix, including breaking the law.
  2. Regular heroin use increases risk-taking behaviors – people struggling with a heroin addiction often begin taking part in riskier and riskier behavior that puts their safety at risk.
  3. Heroin addiction will ruin your relationships – It’s extremely common for people with a heroin addiction to have shattered marriages, relationships with friends and family and broken trust with nearly everyone in their life.
  4. Long term use takes years off your life – ongoing use puts you at serious risk for heart problems or even complete cardiovascular distress.
  5. If women use while pregnant, they’re putting baby at risk – using heroin while pregnant greatly increases the risk of birth defects in your child.
  6. If you inject, there’s a hidden danger – if you share needles with other users, you’re running a serious risk of contracting Hepatitis C or HIV.






There’s no shortage of ways that heroin can destroy your life and your body, but even if you feel trapped by your addiction, there is help. If you find yourself struggling with a heroin addiction, it’s important to get help as quickly as you can, whether you reach out to a family member, religious leader, counselor or doctor. If you’re having health problems because of your addiction, always contact a medical professional first, to determine the right course of action. Heroin can ruin your life, but if you can take the first step and work to get the help you need, you can overcome it. The Springboard Center is here to help you, not judge you. Call us today, at 432-620-0255 and get started on your path to recovery.