Crater Lake is considered one of the greatest natural wonders of the world.  The views bring tears to your eyes, and the crunch of the snow and landscape under your hiking feet will rejuvenate your soul.  There is also danger in the midst of such beauty.  Signs warn hikers everywhere to stay on the trail to avoid falling off the sheer cliffs.  Tragically, hikers have lost their lives by ignoring the signs and straying.  

Opioids are a scientific wonder and great medical tool offering relief and respite from moderate to chronic pain.  However, if opioids are not used as directed, a person can become addicted and sometimes face fatal consequences.  Here are some signs pointing to an opioid addiction.

  • Exceeding the prescription limit.  This usually starts by taking opiates more often than prescribed, but can also occur by taking a larger quantity than prescribed.  People often justify the increase by telling themselves that the pain is no longer curbed by the prescribed amount.
  • Desiring to take additional pills to get a euphoric or relaxing feeling rather than to manage pain.  Like many street drugs, the chemical compounds in opiates are effective at mitigating pain and opening the brain’s pleasure centers to release dopamine.  When a person craves a pain pill to feel high or to relax an addiction has begun to form.
  • Experiencing mood swings.  For a person unfamiliar with the effects of addiction they might credit mood swings to stress at work or having a bad week.  However, a change in behavior might be caused by an addiction to pain pills; particularly if moods become more depressed or short tempered.
  • Trouble sleeping.   Addiction to opioids have been linked to insomnia and other sleep disorders.  If sleeping patterns change after using an opioid prescription the body may be developing a dependency on the drug.
  • Faltering in work or home duties.  Many opioid addicts report their productivity at home and work is suffering.  This is because opioids can dull the senses and impair their social ability.  Others suffer in this area because of the excessive time spent using opioids as well as trying to obtain them. 

    Opioids are a controlled substance with great medical benefits for those who need it.  One of the first signs of an opioid addiction is violating prescription directions.  If you or someone you know has started down this path, consult your physician and seek treatment from an expert immediately.

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