Drug use affects your life in many ways. Using drugs causes problems with your personal relationships, job, financial stability, and health. Every person who uses drugs can experience different effects. How a person is affected depends on the drug used, duration of use, family history, and mental health. There are many signs that show you need to stop using drugs.

When you use drugs, your body develops an addiction. Drug use consumes every part of your life. Drug addiction is harmful to relationships with family and friends. The dependency you have on drugs creates distance between you and your loved ones. The focus is on getting to the next high. Responsibilities are ignored and your mood changes.

Drug use can result in job loss. If you have an addiction to drugs, your employer may take notice. Frequent absences, coming in late, and a decrease in job productivity can be signs of drug use. Sometimes, employers offer assistance for an employee’s drug treatment. This is a sign you need to stop using drugs.

Finances are impacted by your drug use. When you are addicted to drugs, you are physically and mentally dependent on them. This can cause you to use all of your savings on buying drugs. Important bills are neglected, and this impacts your credit. Housing will be put at risk, too. Many people become homeless by spending all of their money on drugs.

Drug addiction will alter your physical health and appearance. Different drugs affect your body in different ways. Some drugs can provoke a heart attack or stroke. Others can lead to lung infections, a rapid heartbeat, and overdose or death. Some results of drug use include lack of appetite, rapid weight loss, weight gain, and liver damage. Drugs cause changes in behavior and coordination. Drug use can make you shake, become easily agitated, or change your sleep patterns.

Drug use causes problems with mental health. Drugs can make you paranoid, fearful, depressed, and anxious. If you already live with depression, anxiety, ADHD, or PTSD or other psychological problems, the possibility of addiction increase. Some drugs cause lack of sleep or make a person sleep all the time.

Drug addiction is treatable and recovery is possible. If you have a drug addiction, you will need to go through detox first. This is part of the recovery process. After detox, enter a treatment program to help with your recovery.


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