February is the month of love, with Valentine’s Day on the 14th, and while we’re constantly searching for new ways to take care of the people we love and to show them how we feel, we’re often overlooking one of the people who needs our love the most: ourselves! You are either your biggest fan or your greatest enemy, and when you take the time to show your mind, body and soul a little love, you’re investing that time and energy into a better you. When you take care of yourself, you’re going to feel better, physically and emotionally. Listed below are seven ways you can show yourself some love this month.

  1. Eat better – the months following the holidays are the perfect time to keep a closer eye on your diet. November and December are often filled with heavy, rich meals, so if you’re feeling a little worn down, try eating a little healthier this month.
  2. Turn your phone off for a while – or at least get rid of some of the social media apps. We’ve become a society of people so tied in with everyone else that we’re forgetting to take time for us and the things we enjoy, and the people that are with us.
  3. Take that extra five minutes of sleep – It’s not ideal to hit the snooze button constantly….but it’s okay to give yourself five extra minutes of sleep here and there. Go to bed just a little earlier, or turn that alarm off and just rest, instead of waiting for the alarm.
  4. Get some air – Whether you start getting your yard and garden ready for spring or you simply walk to do errands instead of driving, getting some fresh air will help you start to shake off that winter gloom and lift your spirits.
  5. Say no – A majority of people today have jam-packed schedules. It’s okay to say no to some things, to avoid stretching yourself thin over too many things going on at once.
  6. Do something you really enjoy – Has it been too long since you watched that guilty pleasure movie or show? Do you really love to cook? Whatever makes you truly happy, do it, especially if you don’t often get to.
  7. Forgive – If you’re holding on to the things people have done to wrong you, or carrying resentment about what’s past, think about the weight that puts on your soul. Choose to let go instead, and lighten the load.





If you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, the best way to show yourself a little love is to get the help you need today. Don’t wait another day, the The Springboard Center at 432-620-0255 and get clean.