Inner peace is usually what we strive for when we do just about anything, whether we realize what we’re looking for or not. Some of our most creative or our most destructive behaviors manifest when our goal is simply ‘to feel better’. Yoga, meditation, art or even cooking are all common ways that people try to find their serenity, but even in the everyday, there are things to be appreciated that, once you do, will bring you a little bit of wellbeing and that sought after inner peace throughout the day.

Try something new – Comfort zones, while they may be comfortable, restrict you. By lifting these self imposed restrictions, you allow room for growth, and it may help you uncover a new way to see yourself or express how you feel.

Own your actions – Hold yourself accountable for the things you say, but especially what you do, as actions speak louder than words. Whatever you do, take ownership of it. Practicing this will allow you to simply take your peace, rather than wait for it to happen.

Declutter – If you want to feel balanced and peaceful inside, work on your external environment. Deal with things headon, don’t just hide the clutter and mess in a basket or closet. Clearing up your space allows you to focus on the present, rather than the twenty things within view trying to seize your attention.

Be grateful – Appreciating your life and the things and people in it shifts your perspective to one of optimism. Even unpleasant situations has value for your life if you choose to see it.

Notice what’s beautiful – Not what everyone else thinks is beautiful, but what YOU think is beautiful is key here. Take notice of the things around you, even the most minute details, that bring you joy.

Take care of business – Especially for unpleasant tasks, we tend to shuffle the things we don’t want to do aside in our minds, creating a mental type of clutter that, when we come across something we should have dealt with already, stresses us out even more. Take care of the things that are annoying or bothering you, and let peace of mind fill those spaces instead.

Slow down – In today’s society, we rush and rush, often racing to see who can finish things or reach a goal before others. Slow down and enjoy the tasks in front of you, rather than blowing through them.





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