All over America there is a craze to become self-sufficient.  People are growing gardens instead of landscaping their front lawn.  Self-sufficient people make their own hygiene products instead of buying them at the store.  The ultimate self sufficient person builds a tiny-house and lives off the grid in a remote place.  What is causing this new wave of self-sufficiency?  People have many reasons, but the underlying principle is a desire to be free from dependence on any system.  They also have a lot of fun while doing it.

Many call addiction dependency now, and rightly so.  A person who has engaged their addictive behavior regularly has begun to change their brain chemistry dramatically.  Some people are so dependent on their substance that if they were to stop it would be fatal.  Here are a few thoughts about why being self-sufficient is better than being dependent on a destructive addiction.

Self-sufficiency is freedom, whereas addiction is servitude.  

Addiction is a cruel master and does not allow its subject to experience the amazing parts of life.  It is such a joy to have the freedom to be spontaneous and participate in activities you would not be able to as a dependent.  Living in a cage is no life at all.

Being self-sufficient gives you problem-solving skills whereas addiction creates them.

Most addicts encounter problem after problem in their lives because of their deep dependency.  They always need money,  always need drugs,  and often times end up going to court or jail.  A self-sufficient person encounters problems that are common to humanity.  However, they develop strategies for overcoming them and do not let themselves be overwhelmed.

A self-sufficient person does not need others to tell them who they are.

A self-destructive person can get caught up in what other people say about them and allow what is said to become their reality.  A self-sufficient person’s identity is not created by others.  Instead they have themselves figured out and they are grounded.  Self-sufficient people think for themselves, and do not allow others to direct the course of their life.

The best reason why self-sufficiency is better than self-destruction is because everyone has so much to offer this world.  By finally becoming independent from an addiction possibilities open up in life.  Life can seem so narrow and pointless while addicted.  Break free and let awesome out into the world.  No one owns a human life.      

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