Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is hard work. A person needs to change his or her lifestyle and mindset for their addiction. The individual must be determined throughout the process and maintain a positive attitude to have a successful response. When a person goes through detox, he or she experiences withdrawals and sometimes are administered medication to relieve some of the symptoms. Recovery is a lifelong process and the risk of relapse can happen at any time.

The Importance of Self Care

A person with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will go through a range of emotions, and sometimes feel unworthy, depressed, hopeless, and helpless. When a person goes through treatment, he or she should have healthy support from family and friends to encourage their loved one on their long journey to recovery.

A person with an addiction needs to take care of him or herself. A change in lifestyle means a change in self-care. Activities such as exercise, eating healthy, interests in hobbies, reading, yoga, or sports will occupy your mind, help you cope, and remain positive.

Self-care is important for a person with an addiction. Healthy activities make the transition to a lifestyle without drugs, a constructive process. Old habits of drug abuse will be replaced with new healthy ones. The mind will be preoccupied with activities and there will be less time to focus on drugs or alcohol. Fun activities with family and friends can be comforting and provide psychological improvements. Stay away from toxic people and relationships.

Self-care allows a person in recovery to treat him or herself better. The journey to recovery is very hard, challenging, and stressful. When a person takes care of him or herself, the stress and feelings of being overwhelmed will lessen, and the focus can be on the person getting better.

Loved ones such as family and friends can be supportive in an individual’s self-care. Incorporating some laughter, fun, games, movies, and outings with loved ones are great self-care remedies. Meeting sober people will also ensure the person is focusing more on his or her health, rather than focusing on drugs or alcohol. A person in recovery should maintain his or her commitment to getting better, living healthier, and taking the time for his or her self-care.


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