When you take care of yourself, you feel at your best. This means taking care of your body, taking care of your mind and taking care of what makes you you. The better you feel, the better able you are to withstand the hardships of life. This is especially true when it comes to addiction, but anyone can benefit from taking better care of themselves.

Think of yourself as a tree. When a tree is in good condition, it withstands storms and drought far better than the ones who aren’t cared for. There’s no shame in nurturing yourself, quite the opposite, in fact. When you’re taking care of yourself, it’s an investment for a better tomorrow, whether the benefits are immediate or gradual. By taking the time to take care of yourself, you’re allowing your roots to grow strong, meaning you’ll be better prepared to withstand the storms that come. Your self esteem and self confidence blossom with proper self care, and the boost from feeling better overall about yourself does wonders for your mental health, something that’s vitally important for people recovering from addiction especially.

Self care is putting control back in your own hands as well. If you’re not feeling well or feeling worn out or run down, the temptation to turn to drugs or alcohol again can flare up. That’s right. Not taking care of yourself can trigger cravings, since many people first turned to substance abuse to self medicate against feelings of low self esteem, mental health issues or physical illness or pain. By putting in the effort to take care of yourself, in whatever capacity works best for you, you’re not waiting for relief to come to you, you’re taking charge and clearing your own path. When you make a continual habit of self care, it becomes easier and easier to say no to substances when the craving strikes, not to mention the benefit of just feeling better, because you’re taking care of yourself.

We often give and give to others in our lives, to take care of them and ensure their needs our met, but taking the time to ensure we take care of ourselves is just as important. You can’t fill the glass of others if your own glass is cracked and leaking. Even just taking an hour to sit and enjoy your dinner is beneficial, because it’s something you’re doing for you.






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