As hard as we may try, not one person on this planet is perfect. Not a single person, past or present, has been able to say they’ve lived a mistake free life, and that they regret nothing. Just as the way we go through life isn’t perfect, the way we proceed with our recovery and sobriety isn’t always perfect. What’s important is the ability to keep progressing, to keep moving forward.

Progress is having solid goals that you can actually achieve. Every day, you’re able to do better than the day before because the goals you’re setting for yourself are ones you’re able to actually meet. Setting your sights on something that may be too far ahead of your current recovery can set you back, even if you don’t realize it. Remember, every single day and week you go without drug use or taking a drink is an achievement.

Trying to be perfect and mistake free every moment of the day is exhausting. There’s a good chance this line of thinking will make you more inclined to give up on sober living entirely, so it’s important to take it easy on yourself. There will be days you’ll make mistakes, what matters is how you turn it around, or make it right.  Spending your days disappointed or angry with yourself brings in a lot of negativity that can have a major impact on your mental well-being and your recovery.

Addiction can leave deep wounds in the body, mind and soul, and recovery is often a lifelong process for many people. You have to remember to give yourself time to heal, and part of healing is learning how to live with mistakes and poor choices without turning to a substance to numb your emotions.

No matter what you were addicted to, balancing being honest with yourself about your actions and progressing, not being perfect is key to a healthy recovery plan. Acknowledge the days you don’t do as well as you should, or even if you relapse, but also acknowledge the progress you’re making. It’s true, in recovery, you’re often fighting for your life in one way or another, but while setting a high bar for yourself may not be a bad thing, it can become toxic to focus on absolute perfection. Any step towards a goal, every day of sober living is a progression towards a life after addiction.






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