Life can throw hurdles and obstacles at you that you feel you cannot handle. People feel that alcohol can be the solution to escape their problems and make them feel numb to their emotions. The truth is that alcohol will not get rid of your problems and can actually make them worse.

What kind of problems do alcoholics have with the people around them?

You could be using alcohol as a way to escape the stress you feel at home. Maybe you have to take care of sick relative and the stress is getting to you hard. Or you can be having parents who are either abusive, strict, feel ignored, or can be alcoholics themselves. You can also be using alcohol if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who lowers your self-esteem and is mean to you. Attempting to escape these problems with alcohol can be so you can be numb to them.

What kind of mental illness problems do alcoholics have?

If you have anxiety or depression, you may not like to feel any of these symptoms or go to a doctor for them that you self-medicate with alcohol. Maybe you feel alone and insecure and need something to build up your confidence. You can also be struggling with depression if you are grieving someone and you do not want to feel sad anymore.

Will elevating your mood with alcohol get rid of the problems?

Alcohol is considered a nervous system depressant which will make your symptoms of depression worse. If you are having problems at home, the problems will not go away by drinking them away. Feeling like alcohol is a solution to your problems will cause you to develop a strong dependence. When the alcohol wears off, your anxiety will most likely increase.

What healthier habits are there to self-medicate with?

You can first think about how big of a role alcohol plays on your life and what would happen to those problems you have without it. You can meditate so you can focus on what is happening in the present moment and get rid of all of your negative thoughts. You can attend therapy so that your therapist will give you a clear, personalized plan to help you sort out your issues. 12 Step meetings can also be a good way to share your story and receive feedback from other people going through the same things.






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