Recovery is hard work and is a lifelong process. A treatment program or rehab will help direct an individual through lifestyle changes and offers counseling and therapy. The temptation to relapse will be difficult to fight and a person with an addiction can easily go back to substance abuse. After treatment, the individual needs to avoid any triggers, which include people, places, and things that relate to their life of addiction.

Family and friends can help develop a plan for discharge from treatment. They need to provide a loving, supportive environment. Family and friends need to set boundaries, communicate, and go to counseling or therapy to mend and strengthen relationships with their addicted loved one.

It is easy for a person to relapse after treatment. The person’s brain craves the release of dopamine, which will give it a moment of pleasure. An addicted person needs to remain positive about living his or her life substance free. He or she will come across many challenges ahead.

Family and friends should learn about things that could easily cause their loved one to relapse.

Sometimes people unknowingly add to the hard work and stress of staying sober. They might persuade the addicted person to have a drink. Family and friends should encourage the individual to remain sober and he or she should avoid people and environments that could activate relapse.

Relationships with family and friends are affected by a loved one’s addiction. The addicted person might have low self-esteem and feel ashamed or unworthy of living a substance-free life. It is important to set boundaries to rebuild trust and respect. Family and friends should set the boundaries and remain diligent about their expectations.

It is helpful for family and friends to communicate with their addicted loved one. Participating in therapy sessions will show the loved one how much he or she is loved. Family and friends should encourage, not shame the person with an addiction.

There is no cure for addiction. It requires a lot of hard work and is a lifelong process. By having a plan in place and with support and encouragement from loved ones, recovery after discharge of treatment should be a little easier.


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