Getting caught up in an addiction transports you into another world.  Drug users get paranoid about bad drug deals that may leave them beat up and penniless, or worse.  Alcoholics often wonder if they are okay to drive, hoping they do not get pulled over.  Sex addicts often consider getting tested for STDs.  The world created by addiction leaves many seeking a moral center and a change of pace in life.  Here are 4 ways that adopting morals impacts that pace.

Picking up morals will change your identity

You are actively recreating your identity as you pursue a moral life.  As you create this identity you will become more confident in who you are.  Life’s challenges will become more exciting rather than something to be avoided.

As your identity is formed, life can seem to slow down for you.  You will feel more centered and at peace with who you are, and life’s problems will not impact as negatively as before.

Morals will reshape your perspective

With a new sense of ethical living you will see your world and the outside world in a new light.  In the past it may not have phased you that over 10,000 people are killed annually due to drunk driving.  Now, with your new identity, you may find yourself on the forefront of fighting social issues.  Your new moral lifestyle helps you care deeply.

Morals will give you security

In the opening of this article you saw how addiction can negatively affect thought life.  Paranoia, fears, and mistrust are common before treatment.  Living a moral life gives you a sense that karma is now on your side.  You are treating others as you want to be treated giving you peace.  Of course not everyone has morals, and bad things still happen to good people.  By adopting a moral lifestyle at least you are no longer inviting bad things to happen.  Your avoidance of amoral situations decreases your chances of becoming a victim.

Human connection will increase

Empathy is a large side effect of  moral living.  As you have created a new identity and gained a new perspective on life, you will find it far easier to connect with others.  Humanity is defined by the way we to live.  You will begin see the ways that humanity hurts each other and it will break your heart.  You will also see the awesome way we can come together and overcome obstacles together.

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