There are four generally known styles of parenting most of us were raised with.

The authoritarian style of parenting is best summed up as the parent’s way or the highway. There’s no room for endless questioning, no choices, and no discussion in this type of household. Parents with this style tend to give their children very little freedom simply be children at times, and has strict rules that, when not followed, often carry harsh punishments. Children raised by this style of parent usually grow into responsible citizens that are productive, but often struggle with low self esteem, and poor social skills, feeling as if their thoughts and opinions are unimportant.

The polar opposite of the authoritarian style of raising a family is the permissive parent. These types of parents make only a few demands of their children, and aren’t as rigid about maturity and rules. They rarely discipline their children, and essentially let the child run the show. These parents are loving and nurturing, but rather than maintain boundaries, they try to  befriend their child instead. Children who are raised by permissive parents are often insecure about their role in the world. They often lack responsibility and have trouble ‘growing up’.

The uninvolved parent is often the most damaging, as they often are the most neglectful. These parents may provide essentials, like food, shelter or clothes, but they have no involvement in their child’s life. Often, they’re emotionally distant from their children, and some may even intentionally avoid the child. These types of parents do indeed love their children, but they may be experiencing financial or emotional problems that overwhelm them to the point that they simply can’t deal with their kids.  Children raised in this style usually have trouble forming attachments to people later in life. School performance is typically poor, and they are more likely to be aggressive, or struggle with drug or alcohol abuse.

The authoritative parent normally have a better chance of raising a well-adjusted child than the other styles. This kind of parenting takes a lot of patience, but being both responsive and demanding helps instill respect for rules and trust while nurturing a healthy relationship. The children are often welcome to ask questions and voice their opinions, and the parents are good listeners, but the final decision always lies with the parents.  Children raised by these types of parents have high levels of self esteem, control and maturity, with healthy problem solving and communication skills.

Parenting is complicated, and almost never easy. Knowing how the way you were raised can affect you even into adulthood can be especially helpful for those working to overcome an addiction and better themselves.






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