When we get caught up in some of the harder times in our lives, there’s a tendency to let negative thinking overpower your mind. Difficult or painful situations tend to create the mental mixture needed to turn even a positive person into a source of negativity. When we wallow in self pity or have a bad point of view on life, the problem simply gets compounded the more we think about how rotten everything is.

We often hear that we are what we eat, but we’re also what we think. If you think negatively all the time, that’s all you’ll attract into your life. You could be a normally perky, cheerful individual, but when you give in to negativity, you slowly slide down into being a spout of negative energy for the people around you in many cases. Negativity has been shown to have a more real impact that we realize, however. Having negativity in your thoughts and your mind, or having a negative viewpoint on the world can start to affect your body. Being a Negative Nancy is taxing work on the mind and body, and it’s not uncommon for people who are consistently negative to be just as consistently ill or under the weather, with cold or just generally ill feeling.

Negative thinking usually correlates with elevated stress. Elevated stress is tied to insomnia, elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, eating disorders, drug use, alcohol abuse, memory issues, outbursts of anger, anxiety or any number of other potentially serious health issues. In a way, you can think yourself sick. Negative attitudes also affect the chemicals in the brain and disrupt the hormone balance in our bodies, making us feel even more out of whack.

If you’ve found yourself in a constant downward spin of negativity or a feeling of hopelessness about things, it’s time to work towards changing your perspective. It’s likely affected your health in some way already, whether you realize it or not, and the longer you take to make a change, the bigger that effect will be.

By taking charge and choosing to look at things from a positive perspective for a change, you’re giving yourself a foothold you need to get out of the habit of negativity. It can take time to remove a doom and gloom disposition, but with patience, the sunny side of things makes a difference when you see it.






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