Whether you left an addiction treatment program a week ago or a decade ago, chances are by now you’ve experienced both the good days, where it feels like your life may be slowly coming back together, and the bad days, the days it feels like you’re one more frustration or stressor away from relapsing and spiraling back down into addiction. As amazing and refreshing as the good days are, the bad days can equal or even overcome the positivity you work to maintain. Especially when we’ve gone through difficult situations in our past, it can be far easier to give in to the negative thoughts and emotions brought on by the harder days.

It may seem easier at the time, but in the long run, you get out of life what you put into it. If you’re constantly caving in to the stress and frustrations of the days that are less than stellar, you’re not giving life your best effort, whether you relapse into addiction again or not. The more you expect bad days to happen, the more often you may experience them, even if you’re only doing it to yourself.

So instead of caving in on the bad days, when all you want to do is wallow in how miserable you feel or how bad your situation or problems are, think instead of the days that make the bad ones worth it. The days you feel like the person you were before you battled addiction, the days you and your family can just spend time together, without it possibly turning into a fight or disagreement over a love one’s addiction. The days you feel like you’re truly reclaiming your life and building something better for yourself are why you need to push through the bad ones. If you give in on those bad days, you’re giving yourself fewer and fewer opportunities to have the good ones. When you’re having a bad day, just accept it, embrace it, and if you can’t turn the day around, instead work to make the next one a better one. There’s only one way you should be thinking to move now: forward. Even if you stumble, always move forward.






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