There are people who have high expectations of medications that are supposed to help treat addiction. They expect fast-acting results and for a guaranteed cure for addiction. It is important for people to be aware that not all addiction medications work for everyone and that it is still important to seek therapy and other treatment methods instead of solely relying on medication.

Taking buprenorphine or methadone is mythed to be substituting one addiction to another when that is not the truth. Addiction involves a compulsion to pursue drugs despite the harmful, negative consequences that can come from using them. Buprenorphine and methadone can cause you to experience a physical dependence but there are no behavioral impairments that occur after taking them. If you experience a physical dependence, you need to taper down on these medications slowly to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms. You will still be sober if you are taking the appropriate dose. You will not get high on buprenorphine alone unless you have not had opioids in a long time. Even if that is the case, you do not get much of a high.

There is another myth that by taking advantage of the opioid crisis, drug companies are making billions of dollars pushing addiction medication. In reality, Methadone is cheap and buprenorphine is not pushed since there are different kinds so no single manufacturer is pushing it. The only ones pushing addiction medication are physicians who give them only when they know it can improve the lives of their patients and have no ties to pharmacies. Another myth is that Vivitrol works for everyone since it is not an opioid or cause dependence. Vivitrol is shot in the buttock that blocks the effect of opioids for three to four weeks. More people are worried about this drug since it delays overdoses instead of preventing them since you do not develop a tolerance to opioids after. This is not a drug that works for everyone.

One more myth is that addiction medications do not work or will make your addiction work. The truth is that it will not make your life worse as it will help some but others will still want to get high and mix those drugs with others. The important thing to remember about these medications is that you will be less likely to die of an overdose which is the main function of these drugs.

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