Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse are just a few examples of musicians who were celebrated for their art but succumbed to their drug use. Some musicians are able to get treatment while others die at a young age. It is important for musicians to take drug use seriously in the business instead of believing that it is part of the business.

Being a musician can be very stressful. If you write music, you are expected to have enough material to fill up an album. If a musician suffers from writer’s block, they may feel that drugs will help get those creative juices flowing. Drugs like alcohol, opium, mushrooms, LSD, mushrooms, hash, and others have a way of putting musicians in a dream-like state. They no longer have to think too hard but are transported into another world that is uncensored and imaginative. They feel it can help bring out “the real artist” in them. Their thoughts become more profound and unique. Artists like The Beatles, Art and Garfunkel, The Who, and others. This can turn into an addiction with musicians as they feel that they cannot work well without these drugs and need them to be a better artist.

Another reason musicians take drugs is because of the pressure they feel. Some musicians actually get nervous when they are on stage and feel they need a boost. Steven Tyler said that using heroin felt like “a warm blanket” where he felt comfortable. They may feel that getting high will give them that stage presence that the audience loves to look at and will give them more confidence to do well. Musicians can also feel the social pressure to do drugs as they see their managers and other musicians doing them and want to feel cool like them. They may feel like this is the connection they need to bond everyone together like sharing needles or joints.

There are unfortunately musicians who do not learn the harmful effects of drugs and do not go into treatment, leading to an early death. There is a good called “The 27 Club” which is the common age that young musicians have died as a result of drugs. Luckily, there are musicians who have kicked the habit like Elton John, Keith Richards, Stevie Knicks, Eric Clapton, etc. More musicians should be themselves without drugs and to seek long-term help.

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