Meth is an extremely powerful stimulant that affects the central nervous system, and it’s extremely addictive. It’s one of the most easily accessible drugs, and compared to heroin, it’s more affordable, making it the go to for many addicts. We hear the horror stories about people with terrible health problems after using meth for years and struggling with addiction, but besides what we can see on the outside, how does the drug really affect your body? Meth addiction causes massive problems in your physical and mental health, and it can destroy almost every aspect of your life, but it always starts with the toll it takes on your body once it has you in its grip.

Meth floods the brain with dopamine in large amounts almost immediately after consumption. This provides a rush of euphoria, but it also almost immediately begins to negatively affect the body. Your appetite will quickly decrease, and you’ll have an overly heightened feeling of alertness and physical activity, and with that comes higher blood pressure, an increase in your heart rate and breathing patterns. While these may not be a serious condition for most people with just one use, with repeated, long term use, these can compound into serious health problems, and in the case of an overdose, they can be fatal, as the body is already weakened. In serious cases, you can even suffer from a lung collapse or a brain hemorrhage from a change in breathing after ingesting.

Over time, meth abuse leads to severe health complications and problems, including severe weight loss, insomnia, dental decay, and even aging a person’s appearance. Permanent damage to your major organs is extremely common, especially to the heart, lungs, kidneys or liver, and if you snort the drug, your nasal pathways are likely damaged as well. Your brain doesn’t function like it used to, and you’re like to have movement issues or severe anxiety.






Even just one hit of meth can wreak havoc on every system in your body, and just one hit is all it takes for some people to get hooked. It’s extremely difficult to overcome a meth addiction, but help IS available. If you’re struggling with an addiction to meth, don’t wait another day to get help. Call today: 432-620-0255.