Many people who are transgender want to do something about the bodies that they feel do not match their gender of choice. Transitioning is the process of making certain changes in order to live as the gender of choice. Changes can be made to legal documents, physical assistance, name, pronoun changes, and reproductive organs through. A full transition might pose obstacles to those who cannot afford the financial cost of making changes. As well, some might not have the resources or support to make these changes. Making these changes is also a personal choice.

How can I transition socially?

You can transition socially by changing your appearance and doing things associated with the gender you feel. You can change your hair, name, clothes, pronouns, and use the bathroom you feel comfortable with. You would be sharing your correct pronoun and chosen name at work, school or at home or just with family and friends. If people call you by the right name and pronoun, then it means you are passing and accepted. Using the incorrect name and pronoun could place you in danger and discriminated.

How do I make my transition legal?

There are several states that require gender confirmation surgery before you change your birth certificate. Unfortunately, gender confirmation surgery is expensive and is not always covered by insurance. You might need a court order to change your name. You can also update your social security card, update your driver’s license, and can change your passport with a doctor’s note. There are other forms of ID you can change such as your will, transcripts, and diplomas.

How does hormone therapy work if a man wants to become a woman?

A man assigned at birth will take estrogen which will feminize your features and suppress testosterone and androgen blockers which will block testosterone effects. You could develop breasts, changes in thickness of body hair, increase skin softness, and shrinkage of the testes and the penis. This type of therapy does not have an effect on facial hair or your voice as you would need voice therapy and laser hair removal for the effects to last.

How does hormone therapy work if a woman wants to become a man?

If you were a female assigned at birth, you would need to take testosterone. This includes developing acne because of skin thickness, increased libido, stopped periods, deep voice, and body hair growth. Testosterone does not change the size in breasts or in your hands and feet.

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