Methamphetamine is one of the most toxic drugs in existence. Made from any number of chemicals that are harmful or deadly on their own, the drug produces an often intense initial rush of euphoria and a bump in energy. This sensation is often the most potent with the first use, and users spend their addiction trying to recreate that feeling, often consuming more and more of the drug as they try to do so.  Despite the fact that many users feel ‘great’ while using, meth long term effects from use are far more taxing than many people realize. IT affects both mental and physical health, and it can have a serious impact on cognitive function and overall physical health and appearance.

The level of dopamine in the body that meth releases is nearly four times what cocaine produces, and over time, these high levels gradually damage and destroy the body’s natural receptors, making it harder for the person affected to feel pleasure. While some studies show that these receptors can slowly repair with time, the damage caused is often permanent, and affects memory, judgement and motor skills.

Heavy use over a long period of time can lead to extreme aggression and paranoia, often coupled with delusions. Many users report a sensation like there were bugs crawling beneath their skin, and when people with a meth addiction come under stress, it normally just pushes them to use even more, which simply compounds the problem and makes it worse.

Meth has a tendency to affect people’s’ outward appearances. Rotting teeth, open sores and extremely dry, cracked skin are all signs of meth use, and they make the user appear much older than they actually are. Bad lifestyle choices also impact the body’s appearance.

With long term use, the body loses its ability to defend itself from illness or infection. This leaves the addicted with a poor immune system, and even after treatment, many are more susceptible to being sick, including developing illness like heart disease.

Meth’s impact on the body is widespread and often extremely hard to repair once the damage is done, and the more a person uses over time, the harder it may be for their body to bounce back into health.






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