Heroin is a powerful opiate made from morphine that is fueling the opioid crisis gripping the nation currently. It can be injected, snorted or smoked, and some users combine it with other drugs like crack. People who use heroin usually feel a rush of pleasure or intense euphoria, and a number of other side effects, including fogged mental function, a heavy sensation in the arms and legs, and being “on the nod”, drifting in and out of consciousness. With long term use, many serious health problems commonly arise, including problems like liver or kidney disease, sexual dysfunction in men, or any number of other health issues.

Nearly a quarter of people who try heroin will become addicted. While you’re not likely to develop a full-blown addiction the first time you use heroin, it can often be the start of a compulsive, self-damaging cycle that spins into addiction. The more often you use, the faster your nervous system adjusts to the chemical changes heroin use causes. Prolonged abuse of heroin can lead to permanent chemical imbalances in your brain.

Like other drugs, there’s no universal number of uses that indicate the start of addiction How quickly you become hooked depends heavily on how much you use and how often, along with physical and mental traits and characteristics that differ from person to person. In many cases, people can have a serious dependency on heroin before they realize they may have a problem, if they ever come to the realization themselves. Every use puts them more and more at risk for medical complications.

Despite the dangers, people continue to actively consider trying heroin for the first time, even “just once.” It may truly be just once, but every time you use, you’re increasing your risk for addiction and health problems, including the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS if there are needles shared.

Heroin is an extremely addicting, powerful drug that can lead to a whole new world of problems, from health issues to mental health. The number of people who die each year from overdosing on heroin rises every year, and before trying it, consider whether or not ‘just one hit’ is worth the loss of your well-being, or the relationships you have with friends and family. A heroin addiction can be incredibly difficult to overcome, and what you would lose is far more valuable than any high.


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