You have become a new person!  It is normal to begin wondering how long to live in sober living for the optimal benefit.  Many sources say at least ninety days, but their are many factors involved that make a number difficult to solidify.

Sober living environments are catalysts to maintain sobriety long term.  They offer great practice for sober living post transition.  You need sober living environments to test your reaction to stresses that trigger your addiction.  Consider the thoughts below as you determine your length of stay in sober living.   

Statistics show between fifty to ninety percent of alcoholics relapse after treatment.  Some relapse cases happen quickly, others occur decades later.  Remember that addiction is a brain thing, not just a substance issue.  You should not leave a sober living environment until you have a firm understanding and plan of action for addressing your addiction.  Use your time in sober living to identify why your addictive personality transfers to seemingly good things, like work, as you create your plan of action.

Do you still believe you may be able to drink in moderation some day?  In rare cases some treated for alcoholism are able to moderate their consumption after treatment.  However, doctors and treatment centers will always advise against using alcohol ever again.  If you still believe you may be able to drink again some day, then you may not be ready to leave a sober living environment.  Take the time to discover why you desire to drink again someday.  In sober living environments there are plenty of people around to help you process thoroughly..

Have you begun to help others in sober living?  If you have begun to help others more regularly in your sober living environment, it shows that your confidence in sobriety is growing.  You have begun to focus more on helping others than yourself; perhaps due to expending less energy on battling your own addiction.  This may be a good sign you are ready to transition.

Ultimately, there is no short answer to how long you should live in sober living.  You will need to take time becoming confident in all the tools they provide to avoid relapse.  However, you also need to develop confidence to face your addiction and win in the real world.  Do not let fear keep you in sober living too long.  You don’t need to fear your addiction, but you do need to respect its power.  Be open with your treatment coordinators and trust their advice regarding the amount of time  you need to stay in a sober living environment.


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