Everyone’s home is like a sanctuary. A sacred space to grow and cultivate inner peace from the outside world. Letting a garden grow is the key to cultivating happiness, but figuring out how to do that can be challenging when life is pulling you every which direction. The boundaries between sacred space at home and work have blurred beyond recognition. Find out how to cultivate space inside that keeps your sanctuary feeling calm and peaceful all year round.

How the Garden Grows

Creating a space for people to grow plants indoors can help bring a sense of peace to any room or home. While some people prefer to keep plants outdoors, there are actually indoor plants that help keep air clean and create a personal aesthetic that is calming for those who enter the home and those who reside there on a regular basis. The following are some ways to cultivate that garden for yourself at home.


While some gardeners prefer veggies, this new trend puts and emphasis on plant species. The plants kept indoors can be harvested and eaten. There is no need to re-pot plants for outside in the garden. If you grow herbs and other edibles indoors, it is far more likely to be eaten with foods you make. There is something nourishing about growing, nursing, and harvesting your own green produce. Gardening is a practice that can lower anxiety and bring you a sense of connection to the natural world. People in front of a computer for work need to engage with the real world and breathing things. All it needs is some light, air, and fresh water in the morning to keep it going.

Kids and Plants

Involving children and family in the growing of plants is another area that is building for people who want to bring the outdoors inside. It teaches people about the biological processes of life, while gaining a sense of responsibility. They can get involved in growing salads and other produce by watering plants. There are kid sized objects to use for gardening now and children can see how the plant they put in the dirt is growing and maturing before their eyes. The delight of growing food you can eat is one that cannot be denied.

Fresh Greens

The new-found kitchen craze sweeping people’s homes is celebrating the small, living plants. More and more flowers and plants have taken over people’s living spaces. Edible green things are in vogue, too. The nice thing is that, even in a small inner-city flat, people can create lush meadows and landscapes and cottages that appear out of a Jane Austen novel inside. Crates, boxes, and seedling towers are all the rage for interior decorating at a low cost. This makes creating that lush interior landscape of greenery even more accessible for people who want to cultivate that sense of peace and joy that comes from designing their own green space at home.

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