Kids are still trying to find ways to get high without being caught with hard street drugs. They are looking at supplies they can find at home or grocery stores. It is important for kids to learn that while these substances may be easy to acquire, they are still no safer than illegal drugs.

At homes, parents may tend to leave extra prescription pills at their home in medicine cabinets looking for Xanax, Valium, OxyContin, Adderall and Ritalin. They can sniff, snort, and huff inhalants like aerosol sprays, glue, whiteout, paint thinners, permanent marker, gasoline, spot recover, and propane. If kids do not like the taste of alcohol or on their breath, some poor vodka into their eyeball called “eyeballing” where the alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. They may get drunk quickly that way but they can also suffer scarring and blindness. There is also The Choking Game where kids choke themselves into unconsciousness to achieve a high but they can also lose consciousness, take a trip to the emergency room, and accidental death. I-Dosing is listening to songs that have certain beats that mimic high.

Some also use vaporizers to smoke alcohol while pouring over dry ice in a thermos and inhaling the fumes through a straw. They believe that there are no calories ingesting alcohol this way but it will go straight to the bloodstream this way and to your brain. It is also easy to purchase or take home over-the-counter drugs. There are major health consequences with over-the-counter drugs like suffering cardiac arrest from too much caffeine or diet pills. You can get accidental poisoning from too much cough syrup or medications that have dextromethorphan. You can be over-sedated from too many sleeping pills, especially when combined with alcohol.

Taking a handful of No-Doze pills with alcohol or marijuana can help you stay up and socialize longer. Some crush the pills and snort them, mixing them with crystal meth to achieve a high. “Robo-tripping” is abusing cough syrups like Robitussin that have dextromethorphan. You can get high from a bottle or two of the cough syrup or capsules sold legally in drugstores. This is a common misconception with over-the-counter medications in how kids assume if it is legal to buy, they are safe to use. Any high with deadly consequences is never safe and it is important to go into treatment as soon as possible.

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