Stress affects billions of people around the world, and our jobs are often the culprit. Stress related to work is one of the most common reasons people struggle with sleep, and it can have a major impact on both your home and work life. Whether it’s your to-do list, a boss that makes life miserable both on the clock and off, even the risk of losing valuable health insurance or the position itself, stress can have serious repercussions. One of the most common triggers that can lead to cravings or even relapse for those battling an addiction is stress. This is especially true for people who work in a high pressure job or work environment. If you’re in recovery from addiction, and you’re struggling with stress at work, it’s important to manage stress at work, to keep your recovery off the clock and your career intact.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of ways that you can manage stress at work. With effort, you can take back your life from the pressure at work.

Seek out support from family or coworkers – you can be around your coworkers more than your family at times, and if you’re buckling under the pressure of stress at work, it’s important to know when to reach out.

Know what’s causing your stress – you can only address a problem or a stressor when you’re willing to find out what it is, or face it. It’s important to keep from burying your head and simply avoiding the situation.

Learn how to manage it – try as you might, stress at work can’t be avoided at times. Learning how to juggle your schedule with unexpected meetings, last minute deadlines and other issues stressing you out is key. Adapt if you need to, to find a way to manage it.

Revamp your lifestyle – a poor diet and a lack of exercise often make us feel even worse when we’re stressed out. Taking time to focus on exercise and a healthy lifestyle outside of the office will help you feel better, making it easier to deal with stress as it comes.

Work related stress is almost impossible to avoid entirely. Letting stress from work, or any stress, affect your physical or mental health can be a slippery slope for those recovering from addiction. It’s important both for the sake of your health and your career that you find healthy ways to deal with the stress that comes with your job, rather than turning once again to a substance to ease your tensions.


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