Relapsing is when you decide to go back to the habits that you have been trying to steer clear from. You may not want to go back to how you used to be but it has been hard for you to ignore those troubling thoughts telling you to take that drink or drug. Here are some warning signs that you need to watch out for if you are relapsing so that you can seek help as soon as possible.

When you stop trying to be abstinent.

You have stopped making any efforts to achieve sobriety such as not going to 12 step meetings anymore, making excuses like it is too hard for you to share your story or listen to other people’s. You might say it is uncomfortable for you to go to therapy and not listening to the advice your doctors are giving you. It can also be things like you stop taking walks to clear your mind, stop journaling, or speaking to healthy friends. You tend not to care anymore about yourself physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

When you think about the times you have used in the past.

You may have been thinking lately to the good old days when you used to substance abuse. It can be when you were having fun drinking at a football game or at the bar. You remember getting together with your friends at each other’s houses and doing drugs together. By remembering how much fun it was for you back then, you are forgetting about the negative consequences you suffered that led you want to achieve sobriety in the first place.

When you are exhibiting the same unhealthy behaviors.

At this stage in relapse, you are showing the same behaviors you had when you were using where you were selfishly only think about your cravings. You tend to overreact more now, have a low tolerance for frustration, and you want what you want without thinking of the consequences.

When you become defensive when people bring up behavior changes.

When your loved ones notice you are showing the same toxic behaviors as before, you will get defensive and tell them it is none of their business. You are quick to be defensive because the first thing you think of when you wake up is you need to use drugs and people are getting in the way of what you think you need.






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