Many people associate socializing with drinking alcohol and people drink on practically any occasion. A person may intend to have just one or two drinks, but soon discover him or herself in a situation they cannot control. Consuming alcohol can cause poor judgment, bad behavior, and even lead to death.

Drugs also affect all aspects of a person’s life. The addicted individual spends all their time, attention, and money on getting their next high. Depending on the drug and duration of use, a person could have serious withdrawals during recovery, which can cause him or her to relapse. Drugs and alcohol compromise all aspects of a person’s life including relationships, jobs, money, and health. Drugs and alcohol cause damage to vital organs in a person’s body and affects his or her mood and mental stability.

There are many reasons why being sober is so cool. A substance-free lifestyle allows a person to remember everything and take control of his or her life. Sobriety helps a person make clear decisions based on critical thinking and good judgment and allows the individual to spend quality time with their loved ones. A person’s health improves and with a healthy diet, it will contribute to healthy skin, hair, nails, and teeth.

Sobriety allows a person to excel in school or work and participate in activities such as sports, hobbies, or community events. When a person is sober, he or she has the ability to save their money or use it for common necessities such as food and housing. A sober person will not feel the embarrassment and humiliation of someone saying, “I can’t believe what you said last night,” or “Don’t you remember what you did?” Instead, he or she can feel content knowing they did not need alcohol or drugs to have a great time, and can remember everything.

When a person is sober, he or she can be confident about the choices they make. Sobriety allows an individual to free their mind and relax. A sober person has more energy and follows through with commitments. This demonstrates reliability and trustworthiness.

Sobriety reveals a person’s personality and character. The individual discovers a lot about him or herself, which builds and strengthens relationships with loved ones. There is so much to enjoy when living substance-free. Staying sober is so cool!


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