Being hyper connected is not necessarily a bad thing, until it becomes a problem. Forward-thinking recovery programs are looking at ways to structure rehab settings in a way that support people’s growth and healing, but being connected to the outside world may be one thing that, if changed, can help people grow in recovery rather than be detrimental.

Therapeutic Benefits

Substance use programs are often looking for new and innovative ways to incorporate modalities and support services into their work. Substance use treatment programs traditionally have viewed the use of technology by people in rehab as a challenge because it can be distracting as well as create a disconnect between the work happening in rehab and the ‘outside world.’ The goal of rehab is to get a person away from the outside influences that may trigger use and keep a safe space for everyone involved. There has been a typically conservative approach to technology use for inpatient rehab, often for good reason, but there are reasons to think there are some benefits to mindfully incorporating technology into rehab settings to foster healing.

How Technology Heals

Online access for people in rehab can be a helpful way to support recovery for the right person in the right setting. Expressive Digital Imagery (EDI) techniques, for example, allow the use of people in rehab to work with photographs shot by themselves. Computers are used in a rehab program that support creation and manipulation of the images on screen. Group discussions around this can ensue, which focus more on creative elements and the chosen subjects which reveals and opens up avenues of dialogue around recovery, addiction, trauma, and other life issues that are healing to discuss in rehab. In a guided setting with a therapist, this technique can prove useful in bringing creativity to the recovery process.

Some of the challenges of using technology like this, including computer access, can be an abuse of the privilege to use technology for other means. However, in a guided setting with the right processes in place, it can be a helpful tool that everyone in rehab can use for self-expression. It can also be a great tool to help teach boundaries, balance, and utilizing work time for work (even in a creative way) which works on time management skills while building some vital, useful tools for outside the four walls of rehab.

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