We are already on our phones all of the time from playing on apps to making phone calls. Using your phone can be helpful in tackling your anxiety. While it is important to do what your therapist tells you to do if you are having trouble relaxing, there are still useful apps that can help you at home when your session is over.

Anxiety Free

Hypnotherapist David Mackinnon created guided, peaceful audio recordings. Listen to these half hour recordings in a safe and quiet environment as you will be guided to anxiety techniques that will speak to your subconscious. This can also help you deal with addiction to nicotine or alcohol and uses iCan hypnosis to be free from worries. It is recommended to use the app three times a week.

Sleep Time

Not getting enough sleep can make you irritable and make it harder to relax. By using this app to time when you go to sleep as well as get a sleep analysis, you will be able to feel good in the morning. You can fall asleep to soundscapes or white noise, wake up to your favorite song, Instant Heart Rate integration to see your pulse after waking up, and detailed monthly and weekly graphs of your sleep cycle.

Relax and Rest Guided Meditations

This app gives you free guided meditations that will help you find your center. There is Breath Awareness Guided Meditation which is five minutes for short breaks. Deep Rest Guided Meditation is thirteen minutes which helps you fall asleep as you are in a deep restful state. Whole Body Guided Relaxation is 24 minutes where you can locate and let go of the tension in every part of your body.

Self-Help for Anxiety Management

This app will give you self-help techniques for your overall anxiety. You will be able to track your anxiety levels, triggers, and will have a personal tool kit. There will be interactive guidance for self-help and a social community that you can communicate with.

Worry Watch: Anxiety Journal

This app allows you to log your worries, track worries, analyze anxiety pattern, see if your worries are reasonable, and will challenge those worry patterns. By logging what might happen and tracking what actually did happen will give you a deep understanding of your anxiety. You can also add daily reminders to clear your head and add inspirational quotes to your entries.

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