There are several different programs and plans available to treat drug or alcohol abuse and addiction, anything from traditional, to holistic or even specialized programs that focus exclusively on an activity, like horse training riding. What many of this programs have in common is that the focus is shifting from treating only the addiction to helping treat the person, giving them the tools and resources they need to achieve and maintain sobriety and recovery. Something that’s growing increasingly popular is the use of yoga in treatment programs.

Yoga has a wide range of benefits for those who practice it. It’s often considered a natural form a medicine for mind, body and soul, used in conjunction with traditional substance addiction treatment or healthcare related to addiction. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Stress relief
  2. Better sleep
  3. Increased energy
  4. Pain relief
  5. Increased self confidence and awareness
  6. Increased physical strength

Many people view yoga as a type of spiritual healing as well, and for those who don’t practice a religion, yoga can be the gateway to self awareness and inner peace that they’ve been searching for, as many treatment programs focus on a higher power, whether God, another higher being, or even your own spirit or soul. Even if you don’t consider yourself a spiritual person, the self reflection can help you in your treatment program, and if nothing else, the physical benefits of yoga are nothing to turn your nose up at.

If you’re struggling with constant thoughts and memories of your substance addiction, it may also provide a healthy distraction point for you, to help you push through any withdrawal or cravings you may be suffering through. It also helps you calm yourself, as focusing on slow, flowing breathing is a key part of most yoga practices. This may help you reduce levels of stress, and be more open to your treatment.

Yoga takes some degree of flexibility and patience, though you certainly do not need to be able to be flexible to start with. Yoga is about how you progress, much like your treatment, not necessarily about how flexible you are when you start.

If you think yoga might be a good addition to your addiction treatment plan, talk to your addiction specialist or counselor and see if fitting in a yoga practice would be beneficial.

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