Critical thinking is using reason to analyze ideas to make better decisions and improve understanding the situation. You would be able to form opinions and be able to expand on them. Critical thinking is a very good skill to have on your resume as it will show companies that you tend to think outside the box and have the power to come up with solutions that no one has thought of before.

Critical thinking questions are not yes or no questions that can be summed up in one sentence. They require you to come up with the answer from a bunch of different angles. You can improve your critical thinking by asking questions on top of a question. If your boss or an employee holds a meeting and asks a complex question, ask yourself what you know, what you are trying to prove, demonstrate, critique, or disprove. Find a simple solution first and then work around that.

You should be aware of any personal biases, prejudices, and see how that influences your decisions and answers. For example, if someone were to ask you if a famous most wanted criminal who has been caught should get the death penalty or spend a life sentence in prison, you may automatically have a response based on your beliefs. Ask yourself what you believe about the situation, what is important to you, and what you assume are the thoughts and opinions of others. Maybe you do not believe in the death penalty because you are a big believer in human rights. See how your personal opinions shape your thoughts.

Another way to be a critical thinker is to use other pieces of evidence to further prove your point. Ask yourself who gathered the evidence, how it was gathered, and why. You should also question how credible the evidence is such as if the source was from a scholar or just a blog post written by anyone. Come up with different possibilities instead of only sticking with one answer. Think of the consequences of each option and how others will feel about it. Also think about what possibility you failed to think about and why that was so. Most importantly, be true to your opinions and not letting the opinions of others influence your thoughts too much. You will be able to take information you knew as well as new information to form a judgment.

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