When we feel ashamed, embarrassed or generally unpleasant about something, we tend to try to avoid it or hide it. We would rather sweep things under the rug than face them most of the time, and this is especially true when it comes to addiction. Society has drilled it into our brains that having an addiction is shameful, and that people who battle addiction are lazy, uncaring or selfish people who could stop if they really wanted. Many people battling addiction also struggle with lying about their use or finances, and lying to themselves and others about whether or not they have a substance problem simply compounds the problem. When we’re not open and honest about the things we struggle with, we let them fester and hide the signs, rather than address them head on.

If you’re not being honest about your addiction, you’re allowing it to control you still. It can be hard to admit to people that you’re in recovery from addiction, or that you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It can be extremely embarrassing, especially to admit it to family, but to keep it in the shadows gives it power over your life. If you hide it and ignore it, or outright lie about it, it keeps you from being honest with yourself most of all; if it’s not a problem you have to address with people, then maybe you don’t have an addiction at all, right? Not being honest about your addiction can be a slippery slope into denial, and an even steeper slope to begin secretly using drugs or alcohol again.

By bringing your addiction out into the light and being honest about it to the people around you in life, you’re taking charge of the situation, whether you’re just seeking help for the first time or you’ve been sober for years. It also takes the precaution of, in case of less than considerate people, letting you break the news to people like coworkers or neighbors, rather than them hearing the news on the office or local rumor mill.






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