Many people recovering from addiction know that people are not always who they seem on the outside. Perhaps they have faced that battle inwardly, as well, and struggle to find a way of turning what feels negative into positivity. When you work hard to shift your perspective, you can make lemonade from the lemons life hands you. Exploring ways to do that is helpful in building a long lasting and healthy recovery.

Financial Struggles

Being broke is not fun for anyone. Being in recovery and struggling with finances can be a trigger for relapse and be a very challenging thing to deal with. It may be difficult to find hope amidst the challenges. Even so, the silver lining may be that you appreciate everyone so much more, the family and friends who surround you in the midst of challenges. You may also learn that what you need to overcome your financial situation is to let go of control and accept that you can only control your attitude towards what’s happening.

Being Alone

Perhaps not being in a relationship, or being in a difficult one, can be a challenge in recovery. If you feel lonely, you might blame the feeling on being single, or not happy, or frustrated with your relationship status. Truth is, loneliness is a symptom of disconnectedness within yourself. If you feel rejected or misunderstood, this can cloud your judgment. If you don’t take time to work on being on your own, to explore those thoughts and dreams, you may struggle. Learning to do for yourself what you need can be a big challenge in recovery but necessary for growth.

Health Issues

Problems with health are hard to swallow, especially when they are brought on by our own actions. If we use drugs or alcohol, we can inflict illness on ourselves, and that is difficult to face. There are other issues beyond your own personal knowledge that can take you by surprise. Finding the positive side of health issues is no small feat. you can’t change or avoid them, but you can choose how they shape your approach to life. You might awaken each morning wishing you were not sick but you can still seek out joy in the little things. Even if you don’t know your diagnosis or treatment, or the outcome, you can still choose to be positive and find hope in the small things each day.

The Springboard Center’s addiction treatment programs are tailored to meet the needs of each client. Don’t give up hope, even when it feels hard. It may feel hard for awhile but you are going to make it because you are a warrior. If you are struggling to pull through your challenges with addiction, it may be time to call the experts. We are here to help: 432-620-0255