Histrionic Personality Disorder is when you are constantly seeking attention and have an emotional overreaction. You have a tendency to over-dramatize situations which can ruin relationships and lead to depression. You could be embarrassing your friends when you sob uncontrollably over minor incidents or have temper tantrums. You could also be wearing clothes that purposefully attract attention. Remember that you can have attention seeking behaviors without having Histrionic Disorder. If being an attention seeker is ruining your relationships, focus more on yourself instead of trying to impress everyone.

Instead of saying or doing things to bring attention to others, use another outlet to express your creativity like writing, painting, playing music, arts and crafts, or singing. This does not need to be the type of work that you need to post online to get praise but a nice thing to do for yourself. If on social media you have a tendency to brag, waiting for compliments, or are trying to expressing pity, you could writing those from the high you get from attention. If you are truly feeling upset and want to express that online, ask for help and then have a private conversation with someone who is willing to help you.

You can also do things to help others like volunteer your time at an animal shelter, cleaning up the beach, reading to kids at the library, or tutoring. Spending time with your friends is another good way of being selfless and just be yourself. For example, wear clothes that make you comfortable instead of flashy clothes or talk about subjects that you want to talk about instead of subjects that you know will raise shock and awe. You can also ask your friend that you are trying not to seek attention and to let you know once you are so you can take the attention off yourself.

Try to make goals to be selfless like what topics you plan on talking about with your friends that are about their lives and how many hours of volunteering you will commit to do. You should also set aside some alone time where you can do hobbies that do not involve the attention but just things that will make you feel good like reading your favorite book or magazine or taking a walk. Let other people be naturally impressed by what you can do instead of forcing them to notice you.

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