Motivation is the driving force behind every action. Motivation is what will help you want to become sober. Without motivation, you will find it easier to sink back to old habits and forget why you want to become clean in the first place.

What causes someone to lose their motivation to get clean is when the memories they had of what made them realize their addiction was poisoning their life was gone and remember more about how good their substance abuse felt. They can raise unrealistic expectations and be disappointed when they do not get clean as fast as they would like, causing them to give up. Recovering addicts can also just simply forget to do the things they said they would do in order to be sober whether it is not showing up at fellowship meets, therapy, or any other tools to help them achieve sobriety.

Make a list of goals as to why you want to be sober. It can be because you want to be someone that your family and friends look up to, career goals, vacation goals, and other reasons. This will help you remember why you want to be sober and also remember the negative impacts of your addiction. You can also help others in their journey by going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or another kind of fellowship so that you can share your story and inspire others to be sober. In return, others will do the same for you by telling you what motivates them and what kept them sober as long as they were.

Journal writing and blogging will also motivate you to be sober as you write about your experiences away from drugs and alcohol and how much easier you life has been. That way if you ever have doubts yourself, you can look back on old entries and see how far you have come as well as meet an online community of friends. It can also help for you to plan rewards for every bar you walk past, every time you say no when someone offers you drugs or alcohol, or any other kind of achievement. It can be things like a day at the spa, going to a movie, a trip to a place you have always wanted to go to, or a meal at your favorite restaurant. Finding motivation will bring you on the right path of sobriety.

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